The King James Bible

This portion of the Enjoy The Bible Ministries web site is designed to provide information regarding the stand we take for the King James Version of the Bible. Since Enjoy The Bible Ministries is primarily the outreach ministry of Pastor Keith Blades, the views, convictions, and conclusions set forth in the various sections of this site are mine. However, the board of Directors of Enjoy The Bible Ministries is also in agreement with the issues presented herein.

The following section to this site is a series of articles and video/audios which present a brief synopsis of the stand taken by Keith Blades and Enjoy The Bible Ministries and the major reasons why this stand is taken. The articles are progressive in manner, with each succeeding one drawing upon matters dealt with in the preceding one.

Introduction — Statement of Purpose — Limitations

Basic Definition of Terms and their Significance

Our Statement of Faith on The Bible — A Brief Exposition

The Doctrine of Divine Preservation

Excellency of Older English

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