the body of Christ’s role in the Lord’s day of wrath


What is your understanding as to what will all the activities that the members of Christ’s body will be engaged in in the Lord’s day of wrath and when comes to the to establish the kingdom. Will we be riding on white horses too? Will we be also engaged in combat with the Lord also?


Frankly my present understanding on this matter is quite limited, especially when it comes to details. So what I understand is pretty much limited to general concepts, rather than having a descriptive list of activities. there are saints who understand and appreciate far more than I do not only on this matter, but also on all other matters as well. So please do not take my limited understanding as any indication that there is limited understanding on this in general; or that you need to be satisfied with my limited knowledge.)

Wherefore my present understanding is that we will primarily be observing the events of the Lord’s day of wrath, and rejoicing in them as the “new creature” that we are, as we see the various events coming to pass. And we will be doing this both with the events that will transpire in the heavenly places and with those that will take place on the earth.

However by putting it this way I do not mean to imply that we will be entirely passive observers as if we are going to be ‘off in a comer,’ so to speak, and just observing things from a distance. No, instead it is my understanding that we will be ‘right where the action is’ in the heavenly places as the events of the Lord’s day transpire in that realm, and that we will be intelligently and knowledgeably watching what the Lord does, and what His host does, as He actively delivers the heavenly places from the effects of the implementation of Satan’s plan of evil, as well as delivers that realm from Satan and his cohorts very presence in it.

Since that realm is the realm of the angels; and since it is the Lord’s host that naturally has the right to ‘clean it out,’ so to speak; it is my understanding that the Lord will naturally have Michael and his armies do the actual work of ‘cleaning out’ that realm; just as the apostle John is given to see the concluding action of in Revelation 12. Wherefore I do not think that we will be engaged in any of the actual combat, seeing that God has already made full provision for that with Michael and his hosts.

Nevertheless I do think that we will have active roles in many of, if not all of, the events leading up to the actual ‘war in heaven’ that results in Satan and his cohorts being completely and permanently dispossessed from their heavenly places. For if my understanding is correct there are a series of events that will take place throughout the reaches and full scope of the heavenly places by which the Lord passes judgment upon the various residents and authorities of each of the “places” and then sentences them. And in view of who we are in God’s plan and purpose as His “new creature,” and also in view of the capacities that our sonship edification has been designed to give us, it is my understanding that we will be actively involved in these particular events. The Lord will have us as active participants in His judging of each of the heavenly places. Then once this has been completed, the ‘war in heaven’ will occur.

Once the ‘war in heaven’ has been accomplished, it is my understanding that we will take up our appropriate positions in the heavenly places as God’s “new creature,” and that we will then participate with the Lord in the remainder of His day from our positions in the heavenly places. Undoubtedly there will be numerous things that the Lord will have us doing as He has His reconciled heavenly places working with Him while He carries out His day of avenging and purging wrath upon the earth.

Keith Blades
Enjoy The Bible Ministries

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