places of residence in “the heavenly places”


Do you think that the members of the body of Christ which have a government position will have their own place of residence or the place that you mentioned that Satan has called home in the heavenly places in the future?


Since “the heavenly places” are just that, (that is, “places”), and that they are places with identified territorial seats of government to them; and since they are also described as having ‘ways’ of travel throughout them, and also specific locations within them at which certain things take place and where certain things exist; and since they have angelic abodes and ‘sanctuaries’ in them; then when we take up our residence there after the conclusion of this present dispensation and begin to function in the vocation that God has for us as His “new creature,” it is my understanding that we will have identified places of residence there as well.

However at the same time we need to recognize that as God says, the creature itself also “was made subject to vanity” by the implementation of Satan’s plan of evil. Moreover the heavenly places also experienced judgment from God at the time of the flood on the earth, whereby they too underwent some changes and alterations. Wherefore the heavenly places have not been fully established, due to the implementation of the plan of evil, plus they have been subject to judgment and they bear the marks of it, just as the earth does. I simply point these things out to say that I think that we are limited in our ability to appreciate the nature of the places of residence that exist in the heavenly places, (that is, what they are like, or might look like, etc.), in view of these things.

Nevertheless, yes, I do think that we will have identified places of residence in the heavenly places; though in my present understanding I cannot describe what they will be like.

Keith Blades
Enjoy The Bible Ministries

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