Hebrews through The Revelation

Hebrews through The Revelation

Following the conclusion of this dispensation God will resume and fulfill His program with Israel. The Fifth Installment to the Fifth Course of Punishment will then take place. The Lord will fulfill the remaining mandates of the Davidic covenant and Israel will be given their covenanted kingdom. They will function on this earth as God’s “kingdom of priests and an holy nation.” The promised “new heavens and new earth” will be established “wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

Hebrews through The Revelation is the portion of the Bible dealing especially with the ominous Fifth Installment of the Fifth Course of Punishment, along with the fulfillment of Gods purpose with Israel on the earth. In accordance with this time that is still yet “to come,” God has placed these books in the Bible following Paul’s epistles about this present dispensation. They are placed in the very position that indicates the time to which they pertain.

The Hebrew people, (Israel), and God’s program with them are once again the special focus of attention. These books to them, and from their apostles, have the prophesied Lord’s day of wrath in view.

The book of the Revelation sets forth the details concerning the resumption of Daniel’s time schedule. It describes in detail the Lord’s day of wrath; the activities of Satan’s final policy of evil against Israel; the avenging of God’s cause with Israel upon the nations; the Lord’s coming with “power and great glory” at the end of the “great tribulation”; and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven in fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant.

Israel’s “fulness,” which is in abeyance in this dispensation, is the issue in these books.