Extenuating Circumstances (Romans 2:12-29)

There are 2 tracts specifically designed to deal with someone who thinks that he has something to say in his behalf, which ought to mitigate his guilt in God’s sight, or somehow make it so that God either won’t, or can’t, judge him as harshly as others.


2015-02-06_190827 Do You Have Something To Say For Yourself In Extenuation?  This tract focuses upon some of the common ideas people come up with in response to being told that they are guilty sinners in God’s sight, which they think that God should accept as legitimate extenuating circumstances. After citing some of them, the reader is asked whether he thinks the same sort of things, or whether he has an extenuating circumstance of his own he plans to offer. He is then told how that Romans 2:12-29 shows that there are no legitimate extenuating circumstances in God’s sight. Therefore there is no way by which he can hope to mitigate his guiltiness before God. He is plainly told on the basis of Romans 2:12-29 that he is a guilty sinner in God’s sight, with no excuse to offer in his defense. The appeal is then made to him to accept God’s gracious offer to have all charges against him dropped and for him to be justified in God’s sight. (Available at our Bookstore)
2015-02-06_210944 It’s Not My Fault!  This tract is very much like the preceding one, only it focuses upon the common attempts people make to shift the blame for their sin and guilt to someone, or something, else. It appeals to the reader to realize that there is no one he can blame for his sin, but himself. He is not the innocent victim of his environment, upbringing, society at large, or whatever else or whoever else he may try to blame. It then appeals to him to stop trying to shift the blame, and instead to accept God’s gracious offer to forgive him all of his sins and to eternally justify him. (Available at our Bookstore)
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