Wrath Consciousness (Romans 1:18-32)

The following 2 tracts specifically designed to deal with someone about the issue of Wrath Consciousness.


2015-02-06_183447 Escape From Wrath?
What In The World Are You Talking About?
This tract assumes that the reader has at least responded positively to the light of God Consciousness, but has not honestly dealt with the fact that “the wrath of God” is revealed from heaven against him as the ungodly and unrighteous person that he is. It confronts the reader with the fact that “the wrath of God” is real and that he needs an escape from it before it is too late for him. It appeals to him to be honest with the truth of Romans 1:18-32 and to see himself as worthy of receiving God’s wrath. It then proclaims to him the good news of the escape from wrath that God has provided through “the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,” and beseeches him to let God save him by “believing in Jesus.” (Available at our Bookstore)
2015-02-06_183559 What Does Your Genealogy Tell You About Yourself?   This tract also assumes that the reader has responded positively to the light of God Consciousness, but needs to deal with the truth that he deserves God’s wrath. In view of the interest that many have in their genealogy and family tree, it informs the reader that God too has something to say about his genealogy. In connection with what is set forth in Romans 1:18-32, it presents the fact that all men possess an ungodly genealogy in God’s sight. As the passage testifies and makes clear, all men are ungodly descendants from an ungodly line; including the reader himself. But that is not all. His genealogy in Romans 1:18-32 not only tells the reader what his roots are by looking into the past, it also tells him where he is headed by looking into the future. And as Romans 1:18 declares, he is headed right for an encounter with the wrath of God, which will result in his eternal damnation. (Available at our Bookstore)
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