To Come

Hebrews through The

The portion of God’s word dealing especially with the resumption of God’s program with Israel. The Hebrew people, (Israel), are once again the special focus of God’s dealings. These epistles to them, and from their apostles, have the prophesied Lord’s day of wrath in view, along with the fulfillment of God’s promises and covenants to them.

The book of the Revelation sets forth the details concerning the resumption of Israel’s time schedule that was given unto Daniel. It describes in detail the Lord’s prophesied day of wrath; His coming with “power and great glory” at the end of the “great tribulation”; and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on this earth in fulfillment of God s covenants with Israel. Israel’s “fullness,” which is in abeyance in this dispensation, is the issue in these epistles.

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