the key of David


What is the “key of David” about?


The “key of David” that the Lord possess, (as spoken about in Revelation 3:7), has to do with things that are spoken about in the Davidic Covenant concerning the governmental power and nature of the kingdom that God established with David, and that functioned as foretastes and precursors of the government that He will establish in Israel and on this earth when He establishes His kingdom on this earth.

As Revelation 3:7 says, by having “the key of David” the Lord says that “he openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth.” Hence the primary significance in having “the key of David” has to do with the absolute authority to exercise the aspect of governmental power that grants opportunities to act for the king and to engage in his business, or that cancels such opportunities. (You can see this also back in Isaiah 22:20-25, where God speaks of “the key of the house of David” being given to, and employed by, Eliakim.) And as the following verses in Revelation 3 go on to relate, this is the very thing that the Lord will grant to the members of the remnant of Israel during the final installment of Israel’s program. He will grant them opportunities to serve Him and engage in His business as their King. If they will respond positively to these opportunities during that time, then they will be rewarded when the Lord returns and establishes His kingdom, just as He describes. But if they will not respond positively to these opportunities during that time, then the Lord will ‘use the key’ to shut the door of opportunity to them and they will not have that opportunity any more, nor be rewarded as they could have been once He establishes His kingdom.

So “the key of David” is one of the governmental rights of David’s sons in connection with the Davidic Covenant, which is possessed in full and is employed in full by the Lord Himself, when as the Christ He has it ‘laid on His shoulder’ by God the Father in fulfillment of Isaiah 9, and then He exercises its power and authority with the remnant of Israel as described in The Book of The Revelation.

Keith Blades
Enjoy The Bible Ministries

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