The word genesis means beginning, and the book of Genesis describes 5 particular beginnings. 1. The Beginning of the World (1:1-1:25). 2. The Beginning of Man (1:26-2:25). 3. The Beginning of Man’s Sin and Satan’s Dominion on the Earth (3:1-3:24) 4. The Beginning of Man’s Devolution Under Satan’s Plan of Evil (4:1-11:32) 5. The Beginning of the Nation of Israel (12:1-50:26).

The majority of Genesis describes God’s work in creating and forming the nation of Israel. In light of the events of Genesis 1-11, the covenant God made with Abraham sets forth God’s plan and purpose for using a nation of His own creation to reconcile the earth back to Himself. The promised destruction of Satan’s usurped domination will come to pass through Abraham and his seed being God’s “great nation” through which He will establish His kingdom on the earth. The name “Israel” signifies that God’s rulership on earth will be accomplished through them.

With Jacob God further amplified upon the details of His plan and purpose. Not only did He change Jacob’s name to Israel, but he also gave him a dream in which he saw the objective of the Abrahamic covenant. Jacob saw that the land of Israel would be “the gate of heaven.” God would reside on the earth in Israel and Heaven’s business would be conducted from the earth. God’s kingdom would be vested in Israel and administered by them.

Israel’s role, therefore, pertains to God’s plan for destroying Satan’s plan of evil on the earth, along with repossessing it and using it for its original intended purpose. Their covenanted kingdom is “the kingdom of heaven,” the “kingdom of God,” literally established on this earth.

With Jacob God began multiplying the seed of Abraham into a nation. He also sent them down into Egypt, into the stronghold of the Adversary, from where He would have them begin the actual repossession of the earth.