Job 38:31

What are the “sweet influences of Pleiades” and the “bands of Orion”? And why does God ask Job if he can “bind” the one or “loose” the other?

31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? (Job 38:31)

 In view of the context in which God asks Job this question, it is my understanding that they are two of the many ‘ordinance powers’ of the firmament of heaven. As such they are not only integral components of the very structural composition and function of the firmament of heaven itself, but they are also ‘ordinance powers’ of the firmament that are designed to have a direct influential effect upon the earth in the midst of the firmament.

So by being two of what I call the ‘ordinance powers of the firmament of heaven,’ and by being ones that also have a direct and purposed effect upon the earth within the firmament, they therefore exercise an ‘ordinance power’ upon the earth, especially with respect to its position in the firmament.

Wherefore with Pleiades having “sweet influences” and Orion having “bands” they exercise powers in the firmament that maintain orderliness and a balance and stability to the earth in its position within it, as well as also being involved in exercising powers that have a regulating effect upon the normality and progression of the earth’s seasons.

Now though this is their normal function, the time is coming when they will not function as such.

For in the Lord’s day God will use their ‘ordinance powers’ in an extraordinary way, especially when it comes to executing a number of the celestial-based judgments that He will bring upon the earth during that time.

And it is for this reason that God brings up the issue of Pleiades and Orion in the series of questions that He asks Job, and by which He educates him in what He needs to realize.

Hence God speaks to Job about ‘binding the sweet influences of Pleiades,’ and about ‘loosing the bands of Orion.’ For when the present time ‘sweet influences’ are ‘bound,’ and when the present time ‘bands’ are ‘loosed,’ then the present time state of orderliness and balance and stability that the earth has in its position within the firmament will be greatly effected.

Moreover the very structural composition and integrity of the firmament of heaven itself will also be dramatically altered, and will even start to become unglued, so to speak.

Now these kind of drastic things will need to take place in the Lord’s day, especially when it comes to God successfully and thoroughly dismantling, demolishing, and destroying the implementation of Satan’s plan of evil in the earth, (both physically and spiritually), and also purging it of all of its effects.

Wherefore when God describes the catastrophic and horrific things that will take place during His day, they include terminology and phraseology, for example, that is descriptive of the firmament of heaven and its components, along with the earth and its position within the firmament, being repeatedly and exceedingly convulsed by “the powers of heaven” being “shaken.”

All of this, (along with the issue of much of the firmament’s physical makeup and integrity actually being caused to fall apart, collapse, and be dissolved), is what will progressively produce the successful judging, perishing, and passing away of this present evil world.

So then when the Lord has His day and these things take place, the issue of ‘binding the sweet influences of Pleiades’ and ‘loosing the bands of Orion’ will be very instrumental in bringing these things to pass.

– K.R. Blades


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