The Bottles of Heaven

What does God mean when in Job 38:37 He says to Job, “who can stay the bottles of heaven”?

My understanding is that “the bottles of heaven” and the issue of “who can stay” them is something that is more than just a reference to governing the weather, or orchestrating it. Before this specific issue in verses 37-38 is set forth, God has dealt with the fundamental issue of causing “it to rain on the earth,” etc. So I am persuaded that He is not just repeating Himself now in verses 37-38.

My understanding is that all of these questions in this latter portion of chapter 38 have to do with the issue of being able to utilize, even manipulate, the ordinances of heaven and earth. And these ordinances will need to be understood, utilized, and even manipulated, in the day that God reconciles the earth to Himself. The judgments, plagues, and the like, that will need to be brought to pass in that day will require this ability. And this is the very ability that God Himself has, and this is the very thing that He will do in that day.

With respect therefore to “the bottles of heaven,” this is part of the specific issue of the ability to both “stay” and provide water when the conditions of verse 38 exist in the Lord’s day. Hence the issue of describing them as “the bottles of heaven.” A bottle is a container for liquids, especially water, and generally for personal use so that one has water with him and available to him when he needs it. The judgments, plagues, and the like of the Lord’s day are going to have an effect upon the availability of water. This will effect both the ungodly, and the remnant of Israel. To be able to produce the necessary judgments, as well as to be able to provide water to the ones to whom God promises it, one will need to be able to do what verse 37 says. That is “number the clouds in wisdom” during that time, and also be able to stop “the bottles of heaven” from proceeding and getting through to certain places, while at the same time seeing to it that they do get through to other places and to other people.

– K.R. Blades


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